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Oral Health Education Projects

IOHC is committed to helping schools bring Oral Health Education to their daily curriculum. In partnership with granting organizations IOHC can assist schools with a Oral Health Pilot program that will not only provide a fun and educational experience but also instill healthy oral habits by providing pre-pasted water-less disposable mini toothbrushes for students to use daily after lunch.

Pilot Project Program Options:

A.    Single Grade or Classroom receives toothbrushes daily for a year .

Step 1: Permission Slips are sent to Parents for participation

Step 2: Partnerships with Local Oral Health professionals to provide the oral Health Education

Step 3: Students receive calendars that are stamped for daily participation.

Step 4: Students receive toothbrushes daily for use after eating lunch.

            School Option 1: Cafeteria places toothbrushes on lunch trays

            School Option 2: Teachers have students brush following the lunch period

Step 5: Monthly Video series from Land of Smiles

Step 6: Students receive end of the year awards for participation.


B.     Full School receives toothbrushes daily for 30 days.

Step 1: Permission Slips are sent to Parents for participation

Step 2: Proper tooth brushing is taught to all classes

Step 3: Students receive toothbrushes daily for use after eating lunch.

Step 4: Weekly Video series from Land of Smiles

Step 5: After the 30 days the toothbrushes are made available in the cafeteria for children.

 Oral Health Education Project Costs:

       All Costs for this program are expected to be underwritten by a grants or sponsors. You can underwrite a school, classroom or nurse of your choice. 


Cost to provide 1 student toothbrushes for a full school year $20.00

                        $41.25     1 Box of 250 brushes for  School Nurse

                        $165 –        1 Case of 1000 brushes for a Classroom

                        $825 –        5 Cases of 1000 brushes for a School

Costs for Educational Program:

 $1,000 - Toothbrush Fairy School Program- Manuel's & DVD’s for all the Teachers.

 $25 - Complete Educational Notebook for Teacher, with Calendars for all students.

 $25 - A School Nurse master copy of the Educational Notebook









Along with the educational mission the IOHC works with public and faith-based organizations that are looking to meet the oral health needs of those who are in poverty or have been a victim of a natural disaster. Because the N-Sta-Smile product is waterless it allows for many opportunities to assist those victims that have limited or no water resources.

How are we funded? The work of the IOHC is made possible through public grants and private donations. Because the IOHC is a 501 (C ) 3 Non-Profit Corporation and recognized by the IRS all contributions to the organization are tax deductible.