International Oral Health Coalition

About our Organization

International Oral Health Coalition is a 501 (C)3 Non-profit corporation that is committed to assist children and those in need with oral health products and education.
IOHC provides oral health products primarily pre-pasted waterless mini disposable toothbrushes to schools and those in need. IOHC accomplishes this by  donors and corporate sponsors for schools and projects. To become a partner with IOHC just go to our contact us page for more information or donate now to make a tax deductible donation.

Contact Person:
Holly Morgan
Development Coordinator
P.O. Box 566
Hardy, AR 72542


Our Board Of Directors:

Mark Manuele
11051 NE Hwy 69
Cameron, MO 64429

Vice President
Terry Adams
1950 Mill Pond Road
Mt. View, AR 72560

Susan Shackelford
187 Quarry Road
Hardy, AR 72542

Current IOHC Projects

    U.S. Projects

  1. Arkansas Head Start Oral Health Program - Grant Funded
  2. Arkansas Public School Projects with Delta Dental of Arkansas
  3. Central Oklahoma Tornado Relief Program
  4. Pasadena California Public School Projects - Looking for Sponsors
  5. Mississippi Public School Projects - Delta Dental 
  6. Nevada Public School Projects - Delta Dental
  7. U.S. Military Projects - Looking for Sponsors

    International Projects

  1. 3500 children project in Mexico - Looking for Sponsors
  2. African Missions Projects


International Oral Health Coalition, Inc.
P.O. Box 566
Hardy, AR 72542